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It’s never too soon to ensure that your family’s future is protected. Our attorneys can help you thoroughly understand the available options and arrange the best estate plan for you. Our team has years of experience in this area, and we are dedicated to providing service that will benefit your loved ones for many years to come. 


There are multiple estate planning tools, each with a different function. A traditional will sets out clearly how your estate will be managed and distributed. If you do not have a will, your property will be distributed according to the state laws of intestacy, which may or may not reflect your own wishes; this is why it is essential to have a properly drafted will well in advance.  

Living Wills & Powers of Attorney

A living will and power of attorney are important tools in which you designate someone to act on your behalf.  A healthcare proxy allows your proxy to make medical decisions per your wishes should you become incapacitated and unable to make those decisions yourself.  A power of attorney allows your agent to act on your behalf with respect to other financial and legal matters.   By planning ahead, you can save your family and loved ones from having to make tough decisions or decisions with which you may not have agreed.


Trusts allow you to transfer funds or property to individuals or entities (“trustees”) to be distributed only in certain circumstances or for certain purposes. There are many different kinds of trusts, including for example, trusts for a surviving spouse or children, or trusts for charitable causes. Trusts have a variety of stipulations and differ in terms of taxation and enforcement and should be structured carefully depending on your specific needs and those of your beneficiaries.

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