“I’d been carrying a very heavy burden with my rental property for years before going to the White Plains office of Cabanillas & Associates in 2009. I had a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan with Bank of America since 2002, which was when I first purchased the property. When I first visited the office, I had a total loan balance of $859,498.79, with monthly payments of $4,956.77, with 6.75% interest rate. After a long battle and much negotiation with Bank of America, I received a loan forgiveness of $569,498.79, making my new FHA loan balance a total of $292,500.00, with a new interest rate of 2% fixed for the life of the loan. I could not be happier with the results that I received with the help of Cabanillas & Associates. After years of trying in vain to regain control of my property on my own, I received the help I needed the minute I went into the Cabanillas office.”

“I first visited Cabanillas & Associates’ Queens office after a year and a half of trying on my own to negotiate a settlement of my two mortgage loans with Wells Fargo. My first loan was $417,000.00 and my second mortgage was $143,000.00. After no success trying on my own, I heard about Cabanillas & Associates on the radio station La Mega and decided to call and book a free consultation. After meeting with Christopher Cabanillas for the first time, I retained their services for a settlement on my second mortgage loan with Wells Fargo Bank. It took less than four months for Cabanillas & Associates to settle my second loan. I received a settlement of $15,000.00, and as a result, had my second mortgage permanently eliminated. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently Cabanillas & Associates worked my case and instantly became one of their most loyal clients.”

“I went to Cabanillas & Associates in April of 2013 after receiving a warning letter from Ocwen Bank stating that my property could be going into foreclosure. I tried to negotiate with the bank on my own but never got any results. I heard about Cabanillas & Associates the radio station La Mega and decided to give them a call. I was very happy with the service I received over the phone, and decided to make an appointment at the Union City, NJ office. I came in with a monthly mortgage payment amount of over $2,000.00 with a 7.5% interest rate. After receiving a permanent loan modification, I received a debt forgiveness of $85,000.00. My monthly mortgage payments decreased to $1,317.00 with a new fixed interest rate of 2%. My total mortgage payment amount decreased from over $245,000.00 to $160,000.00. An amazing ending for me and my family, thanks to the hard work of the Cabanillas & Associates team.”

“I resided in Jersey City, NJ when I first visited the Cabanillas & Associates Union City office location in 2011. I was three years behind on my Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan payments with Bank of America. I needed a loan modification so that my property would not go into foreclosure. I retained Cabanillas & Associates in hopes of being able to save my home, and was relieved that the loan modification team started working on my case immediately. Everything was going well when my husband passed away suddenly in December of 2014. After the loss of my husband, I was devastated and felt like giving up on keeping my property. Just when I was about to give up, an approval letter was received by the Cabanillas team for a trial plan. After making my first three monthly payments, I received a permanent modification with a loan forgiveness of over $200,000.00 towards my debt and a new fixed interest rate of 2%. I was ecstatic at the fact that all of my worries with the house were finally over. I thank the soul of my husband, which I believe is responsible for what I call a miracle. I can now stay in my home, and I am most thankful because I can remain in the home which my husband and I created so many good memories. I continue to be a very happy client, all thanks to the help of Cabanillas & Associates P.C.”