Close Real Estate Deals & Resolve Disputes

White Plains real estate attorneys - Couple talking to attorney

Our White Plains Real Estate Attorneys Can Help Close Deals & Resolve Disputes

Parties to a real estate transaction, whether you are the buyer or seller or the lessor or lessee, usually benefit from experienced legal counsel. Real estate deals have so many potential pitfalls, with some not surfacing for years, that an experienced real estate attorney is frequently needed to avoid them.

Maybe an issue has already arisen. Maybe you are a co-owner of real estate and your interests have diverged – as can happen when siblings inherit property, unmarried couples buy property, or business partners have joint property. Maybe you are in foreclosure because you did not pay your property taxes.

Finding the Right White Plains Real Estate Attorneys For You

Or maybe you have a landlord-tenant dispute or boundary issue, or want to challenge a tax assessment. We have experience resolving a wide variety of real estate disputes, and can help you with yours. Call 800-523-4762 or complete the response form on this website to speak with one of our experienced real estate attorneys at Cabanillas & Associates.