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White Plains Immigration Lawyers Talk About the Immigration Process

While U.S. immigration law and its many categories of visas and green cards can at first seem overwhelming, note that the U.S. allows more than one million illegal immigrants to become Legal Permanent Residents every year … more than any other country.

What Are Immigration Visas?

The U.S. also issues more visas than any other country. Visas are either Immigrant Visas, which are awarded to people seeking to live in the U.S., and Non-Immigrant Visas, which are usually for work and require an offer of employment.

Whether you are seeking a permanent move or a temporary stay, the process can be complex and frustrating. Employing the right approach and have a good immigration attorney at your side is nearly always helpful, but either way you need to begin by filing the appropriate paperwork. Unfortunately, that task can be daunting.

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