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Lease Disputes and Evictions

Housing is a major expense for tenants, and for landlords it is a major investment. For both parties, disputes can be stressful as well as costly. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in resolving disagreements between landlords and tenants quickly, even in cases where the terms of a lease may be ambiguous or the circumstances are not entirely straightforward.  We understand landlord & tenant law of the tri-state area and work for the best possible outcome for you.

Landlord Rights

If a tenant is not paying rent or not abiding by the terms of the lease in some other way, you retain the right to evict the tenant from your property. However, the process of eviction can be tedious and expensive, involving a possible contest by the tenant. In the best case scenario, a landlord is able to evict without issue and collect any rent owed. However, in many cases this does not happen swiftly.

If your tenant is non-compliant, we can assist you in resolving the matter quickly and receiving the funds you are owed. In cases of non-payment, holdover cases, and cases of prohibited conduct we represent landlords to ensure fair payment and fast resolution. Sometimes a lease may not cover all of the possible eventualities in a disagreement, or the language may not be entirely clear. We are experienced in these types of cases and can improve your chance at success in the eviction.

Tenant Rights

As a tenant, your rights are laid out in the terms of your lease, and these are supplemented by certain rights by law. You can only be evicted in circumstances that follow the terms of your lease. There are a number of cases in which a landlord may try to evict a tenant unlawfully, either for a reason not adherent to the lease or the law, or in a way that does not follow due process.

In these cases we can defend you and help you to understand your rights as a tenant under the terms of your particular lease as well as under current law. Our attorneys understand are familiar with tenants’ rights, and we can help you exercise those rights in a housing dispute.

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