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White Plains Real Estate Lawyers Discuss How You Can Keep Your Home

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Options exist if you are behind on your mortgage, facing foreclosure, or have been served with a notice to vacate. However, the earlier in the foreclosure process you obtain knowledgeable legal assistance, the more potential solutions you will have available.

Loan modification and bankruptcy are the primary options, but also worth considering are short sales, refinancing, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and even lender mediation.

Bankruptcy has limits. It can prevent a foreclosure sale before it occurs, but it may not stop the eviction after a foreclosure sale has occurred. And bankruptcy is frequently not a good long-term solution for keeping your home; it is more of a tactic to fight foreclosure.

Loan modification can be a long-term solution. You will need to qualify, and if you do, you can frequently reduce your monthly payment be either extending the term of the loan, reducing the interest rate, or both.

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