Check-In with El Centro Hispano Scholarship Recipient, Andres Tandazo

My name is Andres Tandazo and I am currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am working toward a mechanical engineering degree along with an economics and math minor. Last year around this time, I was selected to receive the Centro Hispano Scholarship.

I am extremely grateful to Centro Hispano and Cabanillas & Associates for helping me fulfill my college dreams. The scholarship that I received from Centro Hispano has gone a long way, helping me with tuition and textbooks, which can be very expensive. The scholarship has helped give me peace of mind that I will not have to worry where to find money to pay for school. It has helped me focus on the reason for me being there, to study. I have now completed my first year which went very well and I enjoyed it!

Again, I greatly appreciate the scholarship that was given to me by Centro Hispano.

-Andres Tandazo