“Do I Have a Case?” Your Personal Injury Suit

“Do I Have a Case?” Your Personal Injury Suit

If you’ve recently suffered an illness or an injury due to something that happened to you because of someone else’s negligence or even ill intent, you might be entitled to payment for damages—for example, to compensate you for the time lost from work, or for doctor’s bills.

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil case brought by injury victims in order to collect damages from the person or organization responsible for their injury.

Personal injury is claimed for situations such as an injury that happens at work as a result of a faulty procedure or unsafe working conditions; depression caused by stress at work from bullying by a superior; an injury caused by a traffic accident; an injury or sickness related to a defective product; an injury caused by hospital errors; or an injury caused by unsafe conditions on public or private property.

Many people who are entitled to personal injury compensation and punitive damages never seek to file a suit because they don’t realize this is an option. But at a difficult time, receiving funds to cover the damage from the person responsible is nothing to be ashamed of, and you may be entitled to this.

But how do you know?

You are injured. This includes physical and psychological injuries, and can also include a disease caused by the event in question. Death is included in this, where injury suits can be filed by the family. It’s best if the injury has been documented (eg. with a doctor, the hospital, or police at the scene of an accident, your insurance company).

The injury was not pre-existing. This should go without saying, but if your injury was already there, it should not be blamed on the event in question.

The injury was someone else’s fault. If your injury was caused by someone else’s oversight, negligence or intent and this can be shown, you likely have a strong case to make.

If the three statements above apply to your situation, you may be able to bring a successful personal injury suit against the responsible party and collect damages that will help you through this difficult time.

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