¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

At this time of year, we all step back from day-to-day activities and give thanks – thanks for our wonderful families, our generous friends, and our laughter-filled homes. Hopefully by this point in the day, you’re stuffed with a great turkey dinner or just about ready to gather around the table.

On a less celebratory note, I know that security has been increased in our community because of the recent horrific terrorist attacks and threats, which can make us feel anxious. But that’s exactly what terrorists want – they want to take away our joy and our freedom. Let’s not let them win.

Let’s continue to be unafraid, to dance and have fun, to eat in restaurants, and enjoy our beautiful public spaces. Let’s live our lives and give thanks…


I hope you all continue to celebrate life and one another and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Chris Cabanillas and the entire Cabanillas & Associates Family