Back to School Party in the Park with El Centro Hispano, NYCFC, and White Plains Mayor Tom Roach

Just in time for school to begin, we are proud to report that we were able to provide supplies for 149 students from El Centro Hispano!

We'd like to extend an extra special thank you to Worby, Vecchio & Edelman and to Dr. Claudia Castiblanco (+ several others who donated anonymously!) for their contributions.

Thank you's also go out to the NYCFC Street Team, NYCFC's Federico Bravo, La Mega 97.9, and White Plains Mayor Tom Roach for making time to come out and enjoy an evening of fútbol, pizza, and fun! And last but not least, thank you Westchester Hispano for joining us and sharing the excitement of the evening with the greater community!

To each of the students and their parents, we know you will excel this year and we will be sure to check in with El Centro Hispano to hear how you're all doing in your classes. We wish you all a wonderful school year ahead!