4th Annual El Centro Hispano Scholarship Ceremony

We were proud to host the El Centro Hispano Scholarship Ceremony for the fourth year in a row!

It was a wonderful evening of celebration: Celebration of the students and mentors who earned scholarships (as well as official recognition by Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey) which will help them to stay focused on their goals, celebration of their family and friends who have provided the love and foundation every person with dreams and aspirations needs, and celebration of the community who provide support of all kinds every day of the year for El Centro Hispano, a beloved and necessary White Plains organization. 

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients and thank you to everyone who made this special night possible. To learn more about the important work El Centro Hispano has been doing for more than 40 years, please click here.

College Mentors

Diana Olivos
John Farfan
Alan Mazurek
Luana Nahue
Briyit Orellana
Laura Maldonado
Juliet Hernandez
Joanna Garcia
Juan Siguencia
Ximena Galvan
Olena Ledenyova
Denise Flores-Peña

High School Graduates

Melissa Rodriguez
Tyana Diaz
Eileen Escobedo
Vanessa Chica
Santiago Chica
Rebecca Patiño
Teresita Gross
Maya Sousa
Zeamira Perez