Alimony & You

If you are considering divorce and wondering how much alimony you may receive - or pay your ex-spouse - book a free consultation with one of our legal experts and begin answering the following questions (as yourself or as your ex-spouse):

The Questions

How long have you and your current spouse been married? _____ years

Are you currently employed? Yes _____ No _____

Full time _____ Part time _____ (_____ hours per _____)

If yes, for how long? _____ years

How much do you earn? $_____ per _____

For how many years of your marriage have you been employed? _____ years full time / _____ years part time

If you are not currently employed or are employed part time, explain why.

What post-high school education do you have? 

What jobs did you hold before this marriage?

Were you employed when you got married? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, what was your position?

- Salary: 

- $_____ per _____

If no, explain.

Have you obtained additional education or developed new skills during your marriage?

Yes _____ No _____

If yes, explain.

Are you in good health? Yes _____ No _____

Explain any health-related limitations on your being self-supporting.

Explain any non-health related limitations on your being self-supporting (e.g., child care responsibilities, currently in school, extended absence from job market, lack of marketable skills, transportation concerns, etc.)

Did you support your spouse during your marriage while he or she obtained an advanced degree or professional training? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, explain.

Did you put your career on hold during your marriage in order to support your spouse's career, professional development, or business development? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, explain.

Do you plan on working after the divorce? Yes _____ No _____

Full time _____ Part time _____ (_____ hours per _____)

Do you know what your post-divorce income will be? Yes _____ , $_____ per _____ / No _____

What are your post-divorce monthly expenses estimated to be? $_________/month

Can you continue to maintain the lifestyle you enjoyed during the marriage without spousal support? Yes _____ No _____

Did you enter into a prenuptial agreement before marrying your spouse that addressed spousal support in the event of divorce? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, summarize the agreement with respect to spousal support here and provide a copy of the agreement to your attorney.

In your opinion, can your spouse afford to provide you with financial support while maintaining a standard of living for himself or herself similar to that enjoyed during the marriage? Yes _____ No _____

Provide any other information that you believe is important to a determination of whether you should receive spousal support.