Legal Tip of the Month: May

Are you or someone you know seeking a green card? One thing that will benefit you is to keep careful records of any and all contact with the Immigration department and your immigration attorney.

We would advise the following:

● Each time you make an application or send in documents, make copies and write dates of mailing at the top.

● Save every single piece of mail that has anything to do with your case.

● Save every document or handwritten letter by anyone else that has anything to do with your case.

● Each time you speak with anyone associated with your visa petition, such as an attorney or a government employee, write down the date and time, along with a quick description of the conversation.

There are several reasons for doing this. First, it ensures you have documentation in case there is ever a question about when or how something was sent, to whom, and why. Second, you have backup if something gets lost in the mail or by the office that’s dealing with it. Unfortunately this does happen occasionally.

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