Real Estate Law: What You Need to Know

Real Estate Law: What You Need to Know

Like many families across the country, you might be thinking of buying a home, selling a home, renting, or maybe taking on a second mortgage. The place we come home to probably the single most important detail of our daily lives. So if you’re going to be making a change, you need to think carefully about all the potential legal issues that you could face, so you can be prepared.

Don’t know much about real estate law? In this video, highly experienced attorney Chris Cabanillas explains how we can help you get started on the next phase.

Our real estate attorneys can help protect your interests in most real estate matters. Our services include:

  • Preparing and negotiating contracts

  • Reviewing transactions documents

  • Communicating with the other party’s attorney

  • Resolving closing issues

  • Representing lessors/lessees

  • Negotiating property improvements, security deposit & other lease terms

  • Settling disputes between landlords and tenants

  • Settling ownership disputes, contract breaches, partition proceedings, easements and rights of way, and property line disagreements

  • Assisting with questions on purchase or sale of commercial property.

If you don’t understand all the details of real estate law, don’t get stressed. We can help you get started.

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