The New America Is Latino America (Infographic)

This month so far, we’ve been looking at the history of being Hispanic in America, as well as the necessity of establishing more ethical immigration policies.  Today,we’re focused on the contributions and impact that Latinos have made in mainstream American culture.

Perhaps it needs to be said that “Latino” doesn’t refer to a single set of cultural norms; Latino “culture” comprises a wide variety of national and regional customs, traditions and ethnic backgrounds, all different. With the Latino population of America continuing to grow, and the world at large becoming ever more interconnected, there’s no doubt that Latinos will have an ever greater influence on what we think of as “American.” Our aim, as always, is to bring out and emphasize what unites us as a nation, and as a culture—to celebrate what is positive and beautiful about the Latino (and) American life.

Now, let’s look at how Latino influencers, American and not, have made American culture—from music, to medicine, to sports, to food!

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