Case Outcomes

If you're unsure whether having an attorney on your side can really make a difference, rest assured that we take great pride in achieving meaningful results for our clients. Through counsel and litigation, our team is responsible for helping hundreds of families improve their legal or financial situation, even when things look hopeless. We work relentlessly to ensure that our clients' livelihoods are secure and we have many satisfied clients to show for it. 

A $423,000.00 Principal Forgiveness Saved Our Clients’ Home

OBSTACLE: Due to unforeseen changes in the economy, clients DC and HB fell behind on their mortgage payments and could no longer afford their home.

JUSTICE: We represented DC and HB in negotiations with their mortgage servicer. We overcame numerous review delays and document mishandling by the bank and finally forcing an escalated review by the bank supervisor. We are proud to say that our legal team achieved a sizable modification to DC & HB’s mortgage.


  • Monthly Payment Before: $4,166.34                                     
  • Monthly Payment After: $2,199.02
  •  Interest Rate Before: 8.62%   
  • Interest Rate After: 2.00%

BENEFIT TO CLIENT: Reduction in interest rate and monthly payment by $1,967.32 and total forgiveness of $423,000.

A $200,000+ Principle Forgiveness & Healing


OBSTACLE: When Mr. & Mrs. L came to our office in Union City, NJ, they were 3 years behind on their Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan payments and in need of a loan modification to avoid foreclosure. 

JUSTICE: The process of helping the L's the modify their loan began smoothly but then Mr. L passed away. Understandably, Mrs. L was devastated. However, just when she had given up hope of keeping her home, an approval letter for a trial plan was received by the Cabanillas team. 

After the three monthly payments, Mrs. L received a permanent modification with a loan forgiveness of over $200,000 towards her debt, and a new interest rate of 2% fixed for the life of the loan. As a result, Mrs. L was able to keep the family home she and Mr. L built together. 


  • Monthly Payment Before: $ 3,531.14
  • Monthly Payment After: $2,333.07
  • Interest Rate Before: 6.50% 
  • Interest Rate After: 2.00%

BENEFIT TO THE CLIENT: Reduction in interest rate and monthly payment by $1,198.01 and total forgiveness of over $200,000.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING: Prior results DO NOT guarantee similar outcomes.